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Marion Reeder ~ Remembering a Friend | Laurens County Cancer Association

Marion Reeder ~ Remembering a Friend

marion2Clinton, SC (August 25, 2014) –In January 2012 a journey began in Laurens County.  A group of people touched by cancer came together to set sail together. The mission of this journey was to start a Laurens County Cancer Association.  If asked, most people today have been touched by cancer—either a parent, spouse, child, cousin, friend.  The actual statistic is males have a lifetime cancer risk of 1 in 2, for women it is 1 in 3.  Hard to believe, but those statistics are correct and come from the National Cancer Institute. So it was not that difficult to find a room of people that wanted to see a Laurens County Cancer Association take flight.

Each person in the room at this first meeting had a reason and story for being there.  Marion Reeder was one person with an impressive story and a personality to match.  Marion knew how to fill a room with joy and laughter and she did just that.  Marion was a social worker and the Director of Case Management of Laurens County Memorial Hospital. While working at Laurens County Memorial Hospital Marion routinely went over and above the actual description of her job duties.  She was an expert on relating to people, and instinctively knew what folks needed and she tried her best to always provided it.  When she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2011, Marion began some serious thinking; she had to contemplate what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.  When Marion thought of her life as a stage IV survivor, she felt called to begin a cancer support group called the Wings of Hope and to leave her job she dearly loved.  Cancer is not an easy business, cancer forces you to make tough decisions, it makes you seriously think about where you are going and why.  Marion wanted to offer those battling cancer an outlet for their struggles and and a place to share their blessings.  She wanted to see folks learning about eating well and she wanted to education about how to prevent cancer.  Marion had vision!

From that meeting on, Marion Reeder was a force of passion, joy, and perseverance for the LCCA.  When it comes to the patient support of the LCCA, the heart and soul of Marion Reeder is to take credit.  Marion would receive a chemo treatment one day, be in the LCCA office the next.  Marion had a mission and she got it accomplished.  She consistently endured cancer with a positive attitude and a smile.  Chemotherapy can very well save your life, but your attitude is what gets you from chemo treatment to chemo treatment—which can be the most important element.  Marion would routinely say, ‘Just keep walkin”, and she did.

Marion Reeder’s walk on this earth came to an end on June 26, 2014.  We do not need to say that Marion lost her battle with cancer.  Marion did not LOSE, we that new her and loved her have lost.  You see Marion’s faith was bigger than cancer.  Her faith in God was her focus each day, NOT cancer; she wanted to live her life according to God’s purpose, not her own.  So she did not LOSE her battle, God simply told her to come rest and sit in the victory seat.  Marion is a WINNER!

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