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Welcome | Laurens County Cancer Association


Welcome to the Laurens County Cancer Association.

The LCCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality of life services to those facing the uncertainties of cancer in our own communities of Laurens County, SC through education, screenings and direct services.  The mission of the LCCA is based on need and compassion for our fellow neighbors.

The Goals

  1. Compassionately support the current Laurens County cancer patient.
  2. Educate our community  on the facts of cancer, the risks of cancer, and the prevention of cancer.

The Need

A cancer patient living in Laurens County, SC is presented with a challenge of travel while managing a life altering illness.  The positive of our unique location is CHOICE of care.  We have many cancer treatment facilities within 60 miles.  However, getting to these facilities can be a challenge and is an additional expense for our citizens.

For those who already have financial challenges in their life, the burden of treatment and travel is real and can be overwhelming.  One of the goals of the LCCA is to have an impact on relieving some of the burden that cancer brings.  According to the South Carolina Cancer Alliance:

Too many people still suffer and die unnecessarily from cancer in our state. Cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in South Carolina, and it touches us all. Approximately 22,000 South Carolinians are diagnosed with cancer and 9,100 die from the disease each year.1 However, many new cancer cases and cancer deaths could be avoided. Approximately 50-75 percent of cancer deaths are caused by three preventable lifestyle factors: tobacco use, poor diet, and lack of exercise.2 Cancers that can be prevented or detected earlier by screening include breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers.3 Other causes of cancer that could be prevented include excessive exposure to the sun and certain infections such as human papillomavirus and Hepatitis B.3 For individuals with cancer, lack of access to high quality, timely treatment can reduce the potential for effective cancer treatment. For cancer survivors, lack of access to resources and support after a cancer diagnosis can lead to poor physical and emotional health outcomes.

You can click on the links below to find more information pertaining to our great state and how we are planning to defeat cancer.

South Carolina Cancer Report Card

South Carolina Cancer Plan

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